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Duplo PR is a wine consultancy providing technical assistance, mainly in the Douro demarcated wine region. Our technical approach provides a complete end to end consultancy solution, from the time you set your harvest date all the way to bottling and packaging.

Duplo PR was founded to meet a market demand for consultancy by companies and wineries with no in-house enology team. Our company has evolved steadily since 2001, and some of our long-standing clients have been with us since 2004.

Our core skill set is the technical aspect of winemaking, but our greatest reward is helping small estate winegrowers accomplish their dream of creating their own wine.

We build dreams collectively and dare to be ambitious, always striving to excel. We brainstorm, build and progress together, sustainably and consistently. Our results speak for themselves. Some years ago, one of our oldest clients wanted put their grapes to better use and started with a single vintage and 42,000 bottles. They now produce 250,000 bottles of seven premium wines across the pricing spectrum. We're very proud of the ample customer recognition they have achieved. Many of our customers who turned away from third-party grape sales to produce their own DOC Douro have achieved similar levels of fulfilment. Some have boosted their identity to the point of risking new ventures, such as producing Port, or have embraced new bold and innovative projects with a modern global approach.

We grow together.

In 2021, we celebrate our 20th anniversary and our mission remains unchanged. Merely making wine is not enough. For Duplo PR, bespoke wine project management means providing our clients with comprehensive support at all stages, right up to project completion: viticulture consultancy, building or renovating cellars, winemaking technical support, brand design, pricing, marketing and domestic and export sales.

In parallel with our expansion, in 2005 we embarked on a new and fulfilling adventure - producing our own wines. We craved the challenge of trying new techniques and terroirs, taking on the risks and responsibilities as well as the excitement and professional fulfilment this challenge affords. The results were our first passionate yet uncompromising vintage in 2005, 2PR Grande Reserva red, still currently in production, and our first ITER, authored by Filipa Pizarro in 2007.

With 20 years of consultancy under our belt, we boast seven wineries in the Douro; we orchestrate half a million bottles per year from 150 hectares of vineyards in assorted Douro slopes; and our two limited edition labels, 2PR and ITER, embody the quality and profile we've always aspired to.



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