Viticulture Consultancy

End to end vineyard establishment, care and treatment in close collaboration with winegrowers.

Cellar Planning and Construction

Scoping, planning and financial advice for new cellar construction and existing cellar renovation.

Harvest Support

Harvest planning, complete cellar work, harvest management and round-the-clock supervision at winemaking facilities.

Winemaking Technical Support

Complete enology consultancy including vinification, ageing, stabilization and bottling for our customers - these are our core skills and our sole responsibility.

Branding Support

Goal setting and market placement; product targeting, branding and pricing strategies.

Brand Promotion

Export, client follow-up and event participation

a consultoria no terreno

Filipa Pizarro durante uma prova ©Lino Silva
Flipa Pizarro e António Rosas na paisagem do Douro©Lino Silva
Trabalho na adega, tirar amostra de vinho
A provar um vinho
Trabalho na adega
António Rosas a provar um vinho
Trabalhos na adega
Uvas tintas na vindima ©Lino Silva
Flávia Batista a caminhar pelas vinhas ©Lino Silva
Uvas tintas em cacho, na videira ©Lino Silva
Filipa Pizarro durante uma visita antes da vindima ©Lino Silva
Trabalhador durante a vindima 2021 ©Lino Silva
Trabalhadores durante a vindima 2021 ©Lino Silva
Filipa Pizarro durante a vindima em 2021 ©Lino Silva


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